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FRETMONKEY RECORDS STUDIO is a full-service live sound, audio and music video production company with services ranging from audio including editing, mixing and mastering of audio files, to high-end production services including multi-media music videos. Our pricing is an incomparable value.  In addition to providing high-end audio services, we've filmed on unique locations including an abandoned amusement park, fairs, haunted houses, beaches, the mountains, and everywhere in between spanning Arkansas as well as many cities including Honolulu, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Malibu, and the Majave Desert including Death Valley! All audio recording services and in-studio music videography start at a base price of $50 USD an hour.  Can't afford to record all at once? No problem. Pace your recording studio time and music video productions around your budget! (Music video prices vary according to logistics. Call for quote.) For price comparison purposes, check out this article! 


Examples are outlined below. For booking inquiries or exact pricing for your special project, call Blake at 561-400-8098 (USA) or email blake@fretmonkeyrecords.com

Studio located at 1004 Front Street in  Conway, Arkansas.

Recipient of 3 Laurels and 1st Place Winnter at  International Film Festivals!
Dissonance (The Short Film) - Example of a Multi-Media Music Film 

Escape (Kevin Blake Goodwin, feat. Shayley Bourget)
Example of an Off-site Multi-Media Video
Kassi Moe's 'Fish in the Sea"
(Audio and Video Production)
Example of an Off-site Multi-Media Video
Aaron Edward's 'Akasha'
(Video Production)
Studio Session Music Video 
J Era's 'GOAT'
(Audio & Video Production)
Multi-media Christian Rap Music Video
Travis Bowman's 'Relaxation Station"
(Audio & Video Production)
Off-site Multi-Media Video With Add-On
(Drone Footage)
Kevin Blake Goodwin's 'Carol of the Bells'
(Audio and Video Production)
In-Studio Session with
Green Screen Animation
Quist's 'ChromeyYum'
(Video Production)
Multi-Media Video at Off-Site Location With Add-On (Premium Stock Footage)
Kevin Blake Goodwin's 'CombatiKa'
(Audio and Video Production)
Mult-Media video with Premium Add-Ons (Drone Footage; Premium Stock Footage)
Aaron Edward's 'The Warden'
(Music Video Production)
Mult-Media video With Premium Add-On (Premium Stock Footage)
Kevin Blake Goodwin's 'Slot Machine' 
(Audio and Video Production)
Multi-Media Video at Off-Site Location With Add-On  (Premium Stock Footage)
Quist's 'She#Zen'
(Video Production)
Multi-Media Video at Off-Site Location With Add-On
(Premium Stock Footage)
VRV Business Commercial Example