Notable Clients


Children's Tumor Foundation (Virtual Telethon Videography Vendor) - New York

Conway Chamber of Commerce (Virtual Concert Videography Vendor)

Arkansas Community Foundation (Recognition Ceremony Videography Vendor)

Conway Christian School  (Virtual Choir Event; Videography Vendor)



Nia Renee - American Idol Contestant


Quist Jam - Danish Viral Guitar YouTuber & Lead Guitarist for Bryan Ferry - Roxy Music (Music Video Production)

Shayley Bourget - California-based Lead Singer of Dayshell; formerly 'Of Mice and Men' (Audio and Video Production)

Felix Martin - World-renowned Venezuelan guitarist & band trio (Audio and Video production for "Dissonance")

Jason Richardson - World-renowned rock guitarist and former lead guitarist 'Born of Osiris' and 'Chelsea Grin' (Audio Production for "Dissonance")

Tyler Sellers - LA Recording Artist (Audio & Video Production)

Travis Bowman - Int'l Acoustic Guitar Champion (Audio & Video Production)

Adrian Bellue - California-based Candyrat Records Artist ('Atahsaia' Audio & Video Production)

Dr. Chrissie Davis- Little Rock - based Flutist (Audio & Video Production)

"Sasha" Alexander Boldachev - World-renowned Russian Harpist (Audio & Video Production)

J-Era - Florida-based Christian Rapper (Audio & Video Production)

Justin St-Pierre - Paris-based Int'l Acoustic Guitar Champion (Video Production)

Aaron Edward - Oklahoma-based Fingerstyle Guitarist (Video Production)

Adam Maletich - Illinois-based Fingerstyle Guitarist (Album Production)

Bryce Mullins - Indiana-based Fingerstyle Guitarist (Audio Production)


Jorge & Nicole (San Antonio Acoustic Duo), Kassie Moe (Singer-Songwriter), Hi Rize (Band), Deshon Washington (Singer), Jameson Burton (Saxophonist), Cheyenne Grace (Lo-fi Hip Hop Artist), Townsend,  and MANY MORE!


Blackbird Collective - Business Commercial

Conway Symphony Orchestra - Videography

VRV - Business Commercial

Wunderhaus Restaurant - Live Sound

Conway Chamber of Commerce - Live Sound