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Kevin Blake Goodwin

Kevin "Blake" Goodwin

Founder, Sr. Engineer, Producer

Specializing in rock, pop, lo-fi, R&B, orchestral, and electronic music.

Fretmonkey founder and President, Kevin "Blake" Goodwin, is a senior audio engineer, music producer, and award-winning progressive fingerstyle guitar player from Conway, Arkansas (USA). He is the 2015 Canadian Fingerstyle Guitar champion, an international guitar competition held annually in Kingston, Ontario and the winner of the 2016, 2017, and 2018 Guitar Wars competition in San Antonio, TX - the longest-running guitar competition in America. He is an active member of the Recording Academy (Grammys) and in the international guitar community. His electric album “Dissonance” (2018) and its companion short film by the same name received laurels in the short-film documentary category at the USA International Film Festival, NYC's Films Infest, Bare Bones International Film Festival, and the Indie Gathering International Film Festival (check out the film on Amazon Prime).  He holds a number of high-profile guitar and gear endorsements and was honored with the Kevin Blake Goodwin Signature Series 7-string Acoustic Guitar manufactured by Mayson Guitars. Blake is known for producing and recording rock, pop, lo-fi, R&B, electronic, and orchestral types of music.

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Booking & Pricing Details

Hours of Operation: 8:30AM-10:30PM, Monday - Saturday

We allow 2 hour slots, 4 Hour slots and full day booking for 8 hours. Please note full day booking is from 8:30 am-4pm only.


*Last session can be booked at 6pm and end at 10:30pm. 


The prices are as follows:


Plan 1 - Hourly 

Price: $100 per hour (see breakdown below)

$60 an hour + $40 per hour for the engineer, up to four hours max. 

*If you have your own engineer, they must be certified through Fretmonkey's Studio Program 

Note: This is for tracking and not mixing. You will leave with the tracks recorded as is. 

2 Hour minimum booking time is required. 


Plan 2 - Mixing 


$300-375 for a Mix and Master. 

Please note there are multiple engineers that are either on staff or contracted to Mix and Master per specific genre. We will help you with your choice and set you up with the best in the business. 


We will need the individual stems sent to us in drop box or we transfer. If you have a flash drive/hard drive please email or call for instructions further. 


*Note Mix and Masters are non refundable. Up to two revisions allowed. 



Plan 3 - Producer Bundle 


$1000-1500 per song


Do you want to take your music to the next level? On staff we have several amazing producers n staff who specialize in  Rock, Rnb, Rap, Pop, Metal and Electronic music. You name it, we can produce it!


How does it work?

- The producer will help shape your vision and bring it to life. The producer will take your idea and co-write with you using an extensive library of sounds to make your next song. 


- Up to 6 hours of studio "tracking"(more time can be purchased additionally) 

- Full production included in or out of studio per producer (Scoring, programming, VST, Song writing)

- Full Mix and Master included.

If you are looking to create an original song....this package is for you!


Required Deposit and Cancellation Details

A deposit is required for every booking. To book studio time at an hourly rate (Plan 1), clients are required to pay a deposit equal to 80% of costs. Deposits are non-refundable; however, funds can be transferred to a future session if cancellation is given at least 24 hours in advance. Plans 2 and 3 required deposits are set on an individual basis and are made in consultation with the producer/engineer. 


For further questions please email blake@fretmonkeyrecords or call 501-499-9034


We look forward to working with you!


-Fretmonkey Records Studio